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Radiolopolis - The Radiology community for education, research and practice! Radiology Search joins Radiolopolis!: Radiology Search proudly announces that it joined the dynamic Radiology community Radiolopolis. Radiolopolis is a community platform for Radiology, where people from all over the world connect to peers, find information from colleagues and share their knowledge.
Radiology Search in the news: Radiology Search was awarded by RT Image magazine as most influential in Radiology and perhaps the most exciting new development in modernized patient care
Radiology search engine in the news Read RT Image article from 09/2008 (PDF document - 5MB)
Featured article in European Hospital: New...Try out at the ECR
Radiology search engine in the news Read European Hospital article from 03/2008 (PDF document - 5MB)
Featured article in the RSNA Daily Scan: Radiology-specific Internet search engine developed.
Radiology search engine in the news Read RSNA Daily Scan article from 01/07/2008 (PDF document)
Featured article in Hospital Imaging & Radiology Europe: Radiologist-designed search engine aims for higher accuracy
Radiology search engine in the news Read Hospital Imaging & Radiology Europe article from 01/07/2008 (PDF document)
Featured article on Radiologist-designed search engine strives for greater accuracy
Radiology search engine in the news Read AuntMinnie article from 01/04/2008 (PDF document)
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Radiology Search news & updates

  • Radiology Search joins Radiolopolis!
  • Radiology Search at the ICR
  • New search refinements added: Pediatric
  • New journal added: Annals of Nuclear Medicine
  • New society added: International Society and Conference Series on "Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention"
  • Featured journal: Biomedical Imaging and Intervention Journal (BIIJ)
  • Radiology Search awarded by the ARRS
    Radiology Search has been presented and awarded at the meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS ) 2008 in Washington / DC.
  • Radiology Search in cooperation with Medcyclopedia™
    Medcyclopedia™ implemented Radiology Search's search functions into its internet lexicon.
  • Radiology Search at the ECR
    Radiology Search has been presented at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2008 in Vienna/Austria - the official meeting of the European Society of Radiology.
  • New automatic background image search for quick image preview
    An automatic image search for searched keywords is performed automatically and results are provided in multiple subsections for general imaging, X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, anatomy, surgery and illustrations.
  • Better structured and more uptodate news
    The Radiology news section is now more user friendly and the news are even more uptodate - just compare it with the ACR news or the RSNA Daily News scan - sometimes even 1-2 days ahead!
  • New search refinements added: Protocols
    A new search refinement sub-filters and searches for imaging protocols and procedures for the particular searched term.
  • New search mode: Veterinary Radiology
    The new veterinary search mode searches international Veterinary Radiology societies and other peer-reviewed websites which are dedicated to Veterinary Radiology. This search mode includes further refinements for increasing the specificity of the search. These refinements include more specific search for diagnosis, therapy, differential diagnosis, protocols, x-ray & fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT, MRI and animals such as birds, cats, dogs, equine, livestock, reptiles, wildlife and domestic animals.
  • New societies added:
    New societies have been added to the society search as well as to the society quick jump menu, including the International Veterinary Radiology Association (IVRA), American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR), European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (ECVDI) and the European Association of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (EAVDI)
  • New journal included into search: Journal of Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound
  • Semantic search
    Semantics (Greek semantikos, giving signs, significant, symptomatic, from sema, sign) refers to the aspects of meaning that are expressed in a language, code, or other form of representation (Wikipedia). How often does it happen that you can't find the right term for something you are looking for but you know it has something to do with "(your term)". Radiology Search just implemented a new technology which uses a relational (semantic) search to help you out in this dilemma! As an example (for junior residents): you are searching for this "weired lipoma like lesion in the kidney with some vessels in it". Just type in "Lipoma" and the search engine searches for relational terms. It offers you parental terms (Lipoma belogs to Fatty neoplasm), similar entities as well as so called "child" terms, including Angiolipoma and Angiomyolipoma. Bingo! Angiomyolipoma - That's the term I was looking for! You can even select the provided links and receive other, relational information, such as "Angiomyolipoma belongs to parent Lipoma", etc.
  • Radiology Search from your program
    Popular Radiology programs such as "RadWhere Suite" from Comissure more and more appreciate the multi-functionality of Radiology Search and use our search functions directly from their program (see screenshot1 and screenshot2 - also with radiology video search).
  • New search refinement added: Podcasts and Videos
    Are you looking for Podcasts or only websites which offer videos for your specific search terms? Now it's possible by redefining the search and specify the search results. Available in the "Not peer-reviewed" search mode.
  • New search refinement added: Medical and Radiological
    We have just added these new refinements in the "Not peer-reviewed" search mode. Even if you decided to search the Internet without peer-review, you can now still filter out the search results which are not radiological and/or medical relevant.
  • 10x faster page load
    The opening speed of the startpage including the news and recent publications has been significantly increased. Now it takes less than a second to display all the news and publications compared to up to 7 seconds before.
  • New search refinement added: Guidelines, News, Meetings and CME
    New search refinements for Guidelines, News, Meetings and CME opportunities within Radiology societies in the "Search in Radiology societies and associations" search mode are now offered. Get quick access to uptodate guidelines and recommendations from societies, such as Dalolinium use in renal insufficiency patients in regard to SNF. Get also news and announcements form the societies, find out where and when specific meetings take place and search for CME opportunities by these societies.
  • New search refinement added: Definition
    We have just added a new refinement for definitions in the "Not peer-reviewed" search mode. Now you can get the definition for any word which comes into your mind. Example: Forgot the exact definition of a "Baker's cyst", where it's located and what's its etiology? You get the answer with just one click! (->Definition)
  • New search mode: Search for Anatomy and Histology
    Find Anatomy pictures, atlases tables and more with this new feature.
  • New search mode: Search for Radiology lectures
    Search for Radiology lectures and tutorials
  • New search options:
    In the past we offered separate search masks for each individual search mode. Now you can use all search modes through one single search form.
  • Radiology Search in a "Google" like look
    The new layout resembles now the layout of familiar search engines such as Google. RadiologySearch appears now with a Google-like face with a white background.
  • What is Radiology Search about and how can I use it?
    Check out our --> Online Tutorial
  • Radiology Search presented at the RSNA 2007 in Chicago

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