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Radiology Search Newsletter from 09/05/2008


Radiology Search at the ICR

Radiology Search was presented at the congress of the International Society of Radiology (ISR ) in Marrakesh, Morocco in June 2008. It received an overwhelming positive feedback and also valuable suggestions to improve the program to make it even more useful for you. You may expect great additional features on in the near future!

New search refinements added: Pediatric

We implemented several new search refinements into the search:
  • "Differential diagnosis" in the Google search (Not peer-reviewed search )
  • "Pediatric" specific search in the Peer-reviewed Internet search

New journal added: Annals of Nuclear Medicine

We added the Annals of Nuclear Medicine into our journal quick access list.

New society added

We just added a new society to our society quick access list: International Society and Conference Series on "Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention"

Featured journal: BIIJ

Biomedical Imaging and Intervention Journal ( biij ) is a multidisciplinary open access online journal; set up to meet the challenges of biomedical imaging and intervention facing the allied sciences community.

The objective of biij is to provide free online access to all scientific materials in accordance with the Budapest Open Access Initiative. biij also aims to make full use of the Internet technology by making available a large stock of materials with full multimedia features and to shape the future direction of the journal through shared ownership by the scholarly community.

For all enquiries, please contact the Managing Editor at

New Tutorial

Featured function: Pediatric specific search

In each newsletter we will feature a special function of RadiologySearch to become more familiar with the multiple features most users are not aware of.

This time we explain the mode: Pediatric search refinement

Sometimes you might need to search for radiological information, specific for the young population - from infancy to adolescence. With only one mouse click, we can help you, narrowing down your search targeted to only pediatric relevant information.

It can't be easier:

1. Just type in a term you are looking for , e.g. in this case we are searching for "lipoma" (1 ). Select the "Peer-reviewed Internet search" from the search mode list (2 ) and hit "search".

2. Select Pediatric search refinement.
You will now receive a search result list of peer reviewed contents in the Internet. These results contain information for both, pediatric and adult Radiology. However, you will notice the search refinement menu above the search results with asking you to "Refine results for lipoma". One of the search refinements is "Pediatric". Click on it and...

3. Get Pediatric specific search results.
Now you'll see an even more filtered result list with only contents containing information regarding your keyword search and only in regard of the pediatric poulation. Furthermore, you will realize, that a "Quick image search" bar is also provided to the right side of the search results, offering images for multiple modalities in regard of your search.

That's all - it can't be easier!

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