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Radiology Search Newsletter from 01/20/2008

RadiologySearch ( ) proudly announces that it has been recently featured on as well as in the RSNA Daily Scan.

After the debut at the RSNA, RadiologySearch has received a lot of positive feedback - thank you! We also received valuable input and suggestions from visitors, how to improve this search engine.

Several new suggestions have been recently implemented:
  1. The most obvious change is the layout of the search engine itself: One of the suggestions was to change the layout which resembles the layout of familiar search engines such as Google. And that's what we did: RadiologySearch appears now with a Google-like face. By the way: you can still change the look of the search engine in your personal profile at any time. ( To login: )
  2. Furthermore we made the search masks more appealing by combining most of the search modes into one.
  3. Search from your own website or Intranet:
  4. The search term stays now in the search form, even if the user clicks into the input field. This makes a repeat search or similar search easier. Before this change, it disappeared.
  5. A new search mode has been implemented: Searching for Radiology lectures.
  6. Also new: Search for Anatomy and Histology! Find Anatomy pictures, atlases tables and more with this feature.
  7. More is coming...stay tuned!

Featured function:

In each newsletter we will feature a special function of RadiologySearch to become more familiar with the multiple features most users are not aware of.

This time we explain the Book Search mode :

RadiologySearch makes it possible to search for books and WITHIN books.

WITHIN BOOKS? - Yes, correct - within books!

But how does it work?

Let's follow this simple step-by-step tutorial:


Search for particular terms. In this case we are searching for the book "Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology" from the authors Brant and Helms.

Type a search term into the search form (1 ), select the search mode from the menu (2 ) and click the search button (3 ).

Screenshot 2:

If your search is relatively broad, then you can also refine your search.

Screenshot 3:

A "Sneak peak" column with thumbnails of available books appears also on the left side of the website. After you click on one of the thumbnails, a preview window for this particular book opens.

Screenshot 4:

The preview window allows you to read almost all contents of this particular book (25-75% ) and to search for particular terms within this book.

This way you can decide if you like this particular book or not BEFORE you buy it !

Quick links to important areas on RadiologySearch :
Online tutorial about RadiologySearch and its features -> watch tutorial
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Stay uptodate what's going on with RadiologySearch -> Go
Any suggestions, comments questions? -> Contact us

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