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Published: . Dec 2014

Fidler JL, Zhang Z, Herman BA, Limburg PJ, Fletcher JG, Dachman A, Heiken JP, Kuo MD, Menias CO, Siewert B, Cheema JI, Obregon RG, Zimmerman P, Horton KM, Coakley K, Iyer RB, Hara A, Halvorsen RA, Casola G, Yee J, Burgart LJ, Johnson CD

CT colonography for the detection of nonpolypoid adenomas: sensitivity assessed with restricted national CT colonography trial criteria.
(AJR Am J Roentgenol)

The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of nonpolypoid adenomas and the sensitivity of CT colonography (CTC) in their detection by use of the restricted criteria of height-to-width ratio<50% and height elevation≤3 mm. In the National CT Colonography Trial (American College of Radiology Imaging Network protocol 6664), a cohort of 2531 participants without symptoms underwent CTC and screening colonoscopy. The CTC examinations were interpreted with both 2D and 3D techniques. Nonpolypoid adenomatous polyps identified with CTC or colonoscopy were retrospectively reviewed to determine which polyps met the restricted criteria. The prevalence of nonpolypoid adenomas and the prospective sensitivity of CTC were determined. Descriptive statistics were used to report the prevalence, size, and histologic features. The sensitivities (with 95% CIs) for nonpolypoid and polypoid lesions were compared by two-sided Z test for independent binomial proportions. The retrospective review confirmed 21 nonpolypoid adenomas, yielding a prevalence of 0.83% (21 of 2531 participants). Eight (38.1%) were advanced adenomas, many (50% [4/8]) only because of large size (≥10 mm). The overall per polyp sensitivity of CTC (combined 2D and 3D interpretation) for detecting nonpolypoid adenomas≥5 mm (n=21) was 0.76; ≥6 mm (n=16), 0.75; and ≥10 mm (n=5), 0.80. These values were not statistically different from the sensitivity of detecting polypoid adenomas (p>0.37). In this large screening population, nonpolypoid adenomas had a very low prevalence (<1%), and advanced pathologic features were uncommon in polyps<10 mm in diameter. Most nonpolypoid adenomas are technically visible at CTC. The prospective sensitivity is similar to that for polypoid adenomas when the interpretation combines both 2D and 3D review.

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6. Dachman A
7. Heiken JP
8. Kuo MD
9. Menias CO
10. Siewert B
11. Cheema JI
12. Obregon RG
13. Zimmerman P
14. Horton KM
15. Coakley K
16. Iyer RB
17. Hara A
18. Halvorsen RA
19. Casola G
20. Yee J
21. Burgart LJ
22. Johnson CD

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